Those Magnificent Sheep in their Flying Machine

We moved to Fort Wayne about a month ago and naturally, one of the first places I checked out first was the library. Our closest branch happened to be the main branch and I was blown away. Blown away! Not only do they have several activities going on throughout the week, play areas and an incredibly helpful and friendly staff, the children’s section is huge and the selection is fantastic!

It’s hard to describe the book selection at our previous branch in Los Angeles. Books in the children’s section were dated or very much to the librarian’s personal liking, which wasn’t necessarily the same as my own. I was always having to put holds on books and waiting weeks for them to arrive. Maybe it’s the difference of going to a branch vs. the main library, but I love our new library. Here at the Allen County library,  I was pleasantly surprised to find newly released books, familiar classics, and new interesting titles. Hooray for being able to peruse the shelves and not be disappointed! I’ll admit, the idea to leave the kids at home and thoroughly look through the children’s section has crossed my mind a few times.  That doesn’t make me a terrible mom, does it?

On our last trip to the library, I grabbed “Those Magnificent Sheep In Their Flying Machine” written by Peter Bently and illustrated by David Roberts. It sat in our book basket for a few days until I pulled it out to read to the kids one morning during breakfast. It had Elsa laughing, Soren intrigued and me enjoying the story along with the kids.

The writing has a nice cadence as you read it out loud and I’m a sucker for children’s books that cleverly rhyme.  The style reminded me of one of our household favorites, “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. The illustrations and bright and detailed.

The story is about a herd of sheep who were doing the same thing they do every day until they accidentally steal an airplane. You follow them on their adventure throughout the world, which is a great way to introduce young kids to a few new countries, cultures, and famous landmarks. Eventually the sheep tire of their travels and miss their old field, reminding us all that there is no place like home.

Great read and we will definitely be checking out a few more of David Bently’s books!

Vampirina Ballerina

Vampirina Ballerina

My daughter loves Halloween– and when I say loves, I mean is a bit obsessed. It’s April and she still goes around knocking on the doors in our apartment playing “trick or treat”. In hindsight, my husband and I may have gone a little overboard exposing her to the Halloween festivities and traditions last fall. She’s three so she does have a spooky threshold, but she loves anything what I like to call “quirky spooky”.

When we discovered Disney’s new Vampirina series, it was a major hit with her. I noticed in the credits that it was based off of the book Vampirina Ballerina written by Anne Marie Pace and it was only a matter of trips to the library before she discovered it on the shelves.

It’s a really cute story about a little vampire girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina. For being a ballerina story, it’s not your typical pink and frills but has a whimsical, Aadams Familyesque look to it. I’m a sucker for the illustrations in children’s picture books and LeUyen Pham did not disappoint.  I think Pace put it best when she said,

“My favorite picture books are those where the pictures have more in them than just the story that’s told with words, and I think LeUyen is a master of that.”

Each page is fun to look at and my daughter and I discover different details in the illustrations every time we read it.

It has a good message about overcoming obstacles, persevering, and achieving your dreams. Things we all want our little ones to learn! We all feel inadequate and insecure when trying new things and this book does a good job introducing that to little readers.

Fun read for both the child and parent!